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Alice Greczyn - The Mindf*cks of Faith

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Trigger Warning: Suicidality Alice Greczyn is an actress, writer, and the founder of Dare to Doubt. Midwest-raised and L.A.-based, the Eurasian performer is best known for her role as Mads Rybak on Freeform’s The Lying Game, and occasionally someone recognizes her from the Twitch-streamed all-girls Dungeons & Dragons group Girls, Guts, Glory. Alice is fascinated by the subjective experience of life which she explores through acting and storytelling. Her own story includes a painful but rewarding transition out of evangelical Christianity, a journey that inspired her to found, a resource site for people detaching from belief systems they come to find harmful. Encouraging people to trust themselves and live courageously in their own truth is what gives Alice a sense of purpose. She loves hiking, traveling, and pondering answerless questions.

Alice will be a speaker at the Shameless Sexuality: Life After Purity Culture Conference this weekend and today is the last day to purchase tickets! The conference is entirely online and will feature speakers such as

  • Dr. Marlene Winell

  • Mandisa Thomas

  • Dr. Darrell Ray

  • Dr. Sara Moslener

  • Amal Alhuwayshil

  • Charone Pagett

If you enjoy this episode from Alice, get your tickets to the Shameless Sexuality Conference before time runs out!

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