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Dr. Darrel Ray - From Dogma to Dildos

Our latest podcast episode is live and ready for you to listen. The second episode of the Divorcing Religion podcast features Dr. Darrel Ray who is a successful psychologist and author. Dr. Darrel Ray is also the beloved founder of both Recovering from Religion and the Secular Therapy Project. In this episode, Dr. Ray gets personal about his own reasons for leaving religion and what gives him hope in the midst of our tumultuous times.

Listen to the podcast on YouTube below or subscribe using your favourite podcast platform here.

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1 Comment

Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva
Oct 03, 2022

Luckily, I needed no therapy after discarding my faith.

It was something they pushed into my head and, being a child, I accepted as fact, but never enjoyed. Never comforted me in any way.

Just a number of extremely boring things I had to do, like going to church and praying at night.

Not different from brushing my teeth. Must be done, period.

Yet, little by little, as I followed the way of my doubts, my faith was gone and all I felt was exhilaration.

Funny thing is, what woke me up from religious torpor was the Catholic churches imitating noisy Pentecostal cults to try and retain those who were leaving morose masses for the more affirmative, lively Pentecostal ones.

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