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Seth Andrews On Recovering his Humanity

It's the Divorcing Religion Podcast launch day and we're starting off with a bang! The first guest is the amazing Seth Andrews, who was heartfelt and thoughtful when I spoke with him.

We talked about Christianity as a blood cult, deconversion and religious trauma syndrome. I hope you enjoy the inaugural episode of the Divorcing Religion Podcast. Watch it on YouTube:

Or subscribe on your favourite podcasting platform:

We are still waiting for the Divorcing Religion podcast to be approved on Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Amazon Music and we'll update this page when that happens.

If you enjoy the work I do and want to hear bonus content from select episodes, please become a patron and support the show.

Thank you for listening to my first episode! Let me know in the comments which guests you would like to see on the Divorcing Religion Podcast in the future.

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