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Shirley Fessel - Domestic Violence, in Jesus' Name

Great news for listeners of the Divorcing Religion podcast; we are now going weekly! You'll get twice as much Divorcing Religion.

Each Monday, we will release a new episode of the podcast featuring an interview with a thought leader in recovery from religious trauma syndrome. Make sure you are subscribed using the options here.

This week, we have Shirley Fessel:

Domestic Violence, in Jesus' Name

Shirley Fessel is a religious domestic abuse survivor advocate with Masters in both Counseling and Education from Wichita State University. Raised Catholic, Shirley married a Baptist minister who suffered from mental illness and abused Shirley and their children. Shirley was eventually able to flee with her children and begin building a safe life for herself with no help or support from her religious community. Putting her counseling and communication expertise to work, Shirley developed the Redemption from Biblical Battering workbook, a self-help workbook for abused women of faith which provides a faith-based path to freedom from spiritual and domestic abuse.

Watch the episode:

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Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva
31 oct. 2022

From a police officer I chatted with years ago on an atheist forum:

"The other day, we were patrolling a slum around here when an middle aged woman with one black eye came running after us. She said her son in law was beating her daughter. The guy was 41 and the girl was 16. We got into the house and the guy was hitting the girl with a broomstick ... as she held their newborn kid!!!

OK, so far, nothing new. Just routine. We grabbed the guy and took him out cuffed, the neighbors wanting to know what was happening and so on. Suddenly, there shows the community's pastor saying: "Please, Sir, this isn't necessary ... he's a good…

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