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Shirley Fessel - Domestic Violence, in Jesus' Name

Great news for listeners of the Divorcing Religion podcast; we are now going weekly! You'll get twice as much Divorcing Religion.

Each Monday, we will release a new episode of the podcast featuring an interview with a thought leader in recovery from religious trauma syndrome. Make sure you are subscribed using the options here.

This week, we have Shirley Fessel:

Domestic Violence, in Jesus' Name

Shirley Fessel is a religious domestic abuse survivor advocate with Masters in both Counseling and Education from Wichita State University. Raised Catholic, Shirley married a Baptist minister who suffered from mental illness and abused Shirley and their children. Shirley was eventually able to flee with her children and begin building a safe life for herself with no help or support from her religious community. Putting her counseling and communication expertise to work, Shirley developed the Redemption from Biblical Battering workbook, a self-help workbook for abused women of faith which provides a faith-based path to freedom from spiritual and domestic abuse.

Watch the episode:

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