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Surviving God’s Twisted Love

Angel De Santis - Surviving God’s Twisted Love

Divorced: The Children of God cult


Angel grew up in the apocalyptic Christian cult known as The Children of God. She managed to leave the cult about 14 years ago, and has been on a healing journey ever since, by building her brain and sharing her thought processes with others. Angel is a mental health advocate, cult survivor, & storyteller, in addition to being a yoga teacher in LA. She has a YT channel and has developed several courses to help others in recovery from religious and other forms of trauma.

In October of 2023, Angel will be speaking on a panel at the Conference on Religious Trauma (CORT) about CSA and child marriage. Get your tickets here.

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The Divorcing Religion Podcast is for entertainment purposes only. If you need help with your mental health, please consult a qualified, secular mental health clinician.

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1 commentaire

Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva
01 avr. 2023

There were Children of God communes in Brazil since the 60s. One of their songs made the hit parade (with the Prayer of Saint Francis lyrics) and, for a while, they were seen as just a group of happy, young Jesus followers. Then they sort of disappeared from the news, but, decades later, they surfaced again and began proselytizing on the streets.

What caught my attention was there were girls to "attack" the men and young males for the women.

Yet much later, the scandals surfaced and they were (as far as I know) disbanded.

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