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The Courage to Doubt

Dr. Coco Owen - The Courage to Doubt

Divorced: Seventh Day Adventism

Dr. Coco Owen is a licensed psychologist who has a private practice working with people recovering from religious trauma and in various stages of deconstruction. She grew up Seventh-day Adventist in Southern California and went to Adventist schools from kindergarten through college—including a two-year stint at a church boarding school.

After a deep crisis of faith during her last year of college, Coco became an atheist and left the church completely. That began a long and sometimes painful psychological, spiritual, and creative process of recovery and self-discovery that culminated in her becoming a clinical psychologist and published poet.

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The Divorcing Religion Podcast is for entertainment purposes only. If you need help with your mental health, please consult a qualified, secular mental health clinician.

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