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The Divorcing Religion Workbook consists of 6 written modules to help you explore where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to be. Each module has questions and  exercises designed to help you on your healing journey post-religion. 


BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO:  Realizing It's Over - This module challenges you to accept what has occurred so that you can begin to build your new life. 

UNCOMFORTABLY NUMB:  Grieving Your Losses - This module encourages you to acknowledge and explore your losses, in order to grieve and grow. 

SEPARATION AGREEMENT:  Healthy Boundaries - This module encourages you to gain clarity on what you have left behind and what you are willing to accept in your new life. 


  • Part A - Identity Reconstruction - This part is designed to move you from spiritual refugee to bold adventurer. 

  • Part B - Integrating Your Losses - This part gets you acquainted with the very helpful cognitive tool of reframing, helping you further finalize your divorce and move on to your healthy new life. 

PLENTY OF FISH:  Finding & Building Your New Communities - This module looks at developing intentional communities to make your new life functional and enjoyable. 


MIND CONTROL:  Don't Let an Old Flame Burn You Twice 


Bonus: Fighting Loneliness in the Age of Covid-19 Ebook

The Divorcing Religion Workbook+ Bonus

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