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Individual Religious Trauma Recovery Session

Free Religious Trauma Syndrome Support Group

Recovery From Religious Trauma Syndrome

Have you come out of a fundamentalist or authoritarian religion? Rejecting our former belief system can leave us feeling untethered and struggling with an existential crisis. We may suffer from religious trauma syndrome and other forms of PTSD.


Common issues for those who are Divorcing Religion:


  • Recovering from toxic Purity Culture indoctrination

  • Navigating marriage with a still-believing spouse

  • Coming out as nonreligious to friends and family

  • Coping with deeply religious and conspiracy-believing relatives

  • Recovering from religious trauma syndrome


As a registered professional counsellor personally acquainted with religious trauma syndrome (RTS), I can relate. As a trauma-informed religious recovery consultant, I can help you explore how RTS is currently impacting your life and navigate your recovery journey.



Much like a marital divorce, Divorcing Religion can be painful, confusing, and exhausting – with the added burden of isolation. The grief experienced when leaving fundamentalism is compounded by a lack of support and understanding.

Developed by a formerly devout fundamentalist evangelical Christian of over 40 years, Divorcing Religion is an on-line, live, interactive 6-week workshop designed to help you transition out of religion and into secular life.

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Divorcing Religion Self-Led Course Coming Soon

In addition to one-on-one recovery work, group support plays a vital role in healing from religious trauma. To that end, I invite you to explore the free online Divorcing Religion religious trauma syndrome support group.

Topics to expect in the religious trauma syndrome support group:

1. BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO:  Radical acceptance
2. UNCOMFORTABLY NUMB: Grief and growth 

3. SEPARATION AGREEMENT:  Getting clarity and setting boundaries

  • Part A - Identity Reconstruction 

  • Part B - Integrating Your Losses 

5. PLENTY OF FISH:  Developing secular communities
6. MIND CONTROL:  Protect yourself from fundamentalist thinking

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