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Joining the free Religious Trauma Syndrome support group led by registered professional counsellor Janice Selbie can offer a variety of benefits for individuals experiencing negative effects associated with religion. 

The group, facilitated by registered professional counsellor Janice Selbie, provides a safe space for individuals to navigate their experiences of religious trauma. Engaging with others who have similar experiences reduces feelings of isolation, fosters a sense of community, and offers diverse perspectives on coping strategies.

Key benefits of joining the group include:

  • Professional Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Janice Selbie, who specializes in dealing with religious trauma.

  • Community Support: Connect with others who have had similar experiences, fostering a sense of understanding and solidarity.

  • Education: Learn more about Religious Trauma Syndrome and the psychological impacts of your experiences, aiding in the healing process.

  • Financial Accessibility: As the group is free, it eliminates financial barriers, making support accessible for everyone.

In essence, this group provides an invaluable resource for individuals navigating the complex journey of recovery from religious trauma.

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