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Free Religious Trauma Consultation

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Click the button to book your free 20-minute consultation with Janice Selbie to learn about recovery from religious trauma syndrome, transitioning to secular life from your old religious world, and how to care for your mental health going forward.

Janice Selbie, RPC

Janice Selbie is a compassionate and experienced counselor who specializes in recovery from religious trauma syndrome. Her clients come from all walks of life, including Hollywood entertainers, stay-at-home parents and psychologists. 

Janice is: 

  • A Registered Professional Counselor (CPCA #3769) in practice since 2015

  • Founder of the Conference on Religious Trauma

  • Host of the Divorcing Religion Podcast

  • A former fundamentalist Christian, pastor’s wife, and homeschool parent

"My clients feel safe, seen, and supported by me, which provides a secure platform on which to build a healthy secular life." - Janice Selbie

To book your free consultation, click the red button and take that first step to a better tomorrow. 

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