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Ex-Mormon Rising Star

Angela Soffe

Divorced: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism)

Angela Soffe was raised in the Philippines in an Argentine-American family. She is a rising star in the music world whose work and story have been featured in independent films, commercials, and podcasts worldwide. Her music reflects moving out of personal darkness and the challenges of stepping away from 30 years in Mormonism. We met when Angela agreed to speak at the inaugural Conference on Religious Trauma (CORT2021). Today, Angela opens up about what it was like to lose her faith and the challenges of leaving Mormonism behind.

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Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva
Jan 26, 2023

I was reminded of Eve of old giving Adam an apple and opening his eyes. Except it was a book in this case 🙂

Like Ms.Soffe, I also kept going to church for a few months. I was afraid to suddenly stop doing something I had done all of my life. Breaking the last link.

One day, though, it was raining a lot and I saw no reason to brave it just to spend a boring hour in a stuffy church listening to gibberish. It was the day I finally admitted to myself it was over.

Janice Selbie
Janice Selbie
Feb 11, 2023
Replying to

I think many of us continue attending services for a time, especially if our family still goes.

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