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Psychedelics: The Unf*ckening


Divorced: Evangelical/nondenominational Catholicism

*Note* Do not try psychedelics without first conferring with your doctor. For some people, it is never safe to use psychedelics. Use of psychedelics is not legal in many states and countries.

MARIE Le PAGE describes herself as a life doula, life coach, community organizer, and plant-medicine sitter. Marie understands personally the pain and trauma of growing up in an emotionally neglectful and spiritually abusive household. Upon discovering plant medicine, Marie started their awakening and integration experience. They now find joy in coaching others who are also awakening, whether it’s processing their spiritual abuse, their journeys into non-traditional relationship structures, or any other deconstruction and healing path.

Marie recently spoke at the Shameless Sexuality: Life After Purity Culture online conference about remedial consent for former fundies and hosted the More Than Monogamy Panel, of which I was a member. Today, Marie shares candidly about her use of psychedelics to aid in personal unf*ckening related to trauma.

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The Divorcing Religion Podcast is for entertainment purposes only. If you need help with your mental health, please consult a qualified, secular mental health clinician.

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